The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W. Washington, D.C.20036
202-659-4136    Fax:202-872-8863

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The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Ph: 202-659-4136
Fx: 202-872-8863

*** Fresh Daily ***
*** Nothing Fried ***
*** No Fillers ***
*** No Additives ***

The Baja Technique

To understand the Baja Experience it is helpful to understand the basic Baja Grille Method. This method is different from other food preparation techniques, and by following these rules we achieve excellent results:

RULE #1: Baja Is A State of Mind.
What is that state of mind? It is, the way you would imagine feeling at a great tropical resort on a beautiful Baja beach relaxed, free from worry, while the most polite, happy people serve the finest cuisine anywhere. A cuisine that can only be described as art (Food as art leads us to, Rule #2).

RULE #2: Food As Art.
This may sound like an exaggeration to claim food as art. However, our chefs are trained to prepare our Baja cuisine not as simply as food, but as art. It is true that a great painting is simply canvas and oil. But we recognize the ingredients to be of far more importance. So too with our cuisine.

Our customer can find food at good prices from most of our competitors. What is different about us? Our presentation is beautiful enough that a customer will stare that extra moment at it before consuming it, forming that picture in his or her mind that conveys pleasure, something special which changes the mood to the state of mind we discussed in Rule #1 above.

RULE #3: Baja Attitude.
The shortest way to explain the Baja Attitude is to not have an attitude. The best food can be ruined with the wrong attitude. Politeness is not enough. You must be courteous, helpful, friendly and most of all act happy. Make people feel good. A confused customer, a disjointed question, an unusual request all are pleasures to accommodate. Yes pleasure.

This is much more of a service business that a product business. It is the customer that we really work for. A happy customer may come back, an unhappy customer usually won't. Tomorrow's business depends on today's attitude.

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