The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W. Washington, D.C.20036
202-659-4136    Fax:202-872-8863

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The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Ph: 202-659-4136
Fx: 202-872-8863

*** Fresh Daily ***
*** Nothing Fried ***
*** No Fillers ***
*** No Additives ***

The Baja Quality

Baja Grille prepares all of its foods fresh each day. No preservatives, fillers or additives of any kind are used. We make our own sauces, dressings, stock for soups and even our own mayonnaise. Nothing is fried.

Our kitchen is open to the dinning room so that customers can watch as our chefs prepare their order.

The Baja Grille's menu is authentic Baja California cuisine, featuring marinated grilled specialties and salads created from the freshest ingredients. The Baja Grille serves take-out & dine-in upscale cuisine for those with a discernible palate for fine food.

Our cuisine features some of the most popular items at the resorts along Baja's beautiful white sandy beaches, as well as some items that had their origins just across the Gulf of California. From the Sonoran cattle ranches where Black Angus graze among the purple mountains and fertile valleys comes our Sirloin Steak Brochetta. Guaymas shrimp are caught in the crystal blue waters of the Gulf of California near Guaymas and shipped to gourmet restaurants around the world from the resort port of Mazatlan just to the South. Inspiration for our Guaymas Shrimp Brochetta comes from the incomparable Tres Islas, the legendary restaurant of thatched roofs on the sand just north of downtown Mazatlan where you can watch your grille chef prepare the succulent, tender Guaymas shrimp in a variety of ways.

Grilled specialties are only part of the Baja California story. Baja's real fame came during Prohibition when Californians would cross the border south of San Diego in search of drink, great food, sun, and relaxation. After Prohibition, this tradition continued - Baja had been discovered by Hollywood's biggest stars during the heyday of the great studios. It was during this time that Alex Caesar Cardini's Baja restaurant became a favorite haunt for stars returning from getaways on Baja's resort beaches. The celebrities were so fond of the Alex Caesar-Cardini salad (now known as the Caesar Salad), that they spread the word and restaurants in California and around the world began to imitate it. We make it the original way. In the 1920's restaurants in Baja began serving Spring Salad - a version of the chefs salad that would later becomes known as the Cobb, named after Robert Cobb, owner of Hollywood's Brown Derby Restaurant.

Our Cabo Salad is from Cabo San Lucas, the romantic port on the southern tip of Baja, where the warm Gulf of Mexico meets the blue Pacific. Cabo chefs are famous for combining Baja's abundant variety of the most flavorful seafood with the freshest greens, to make a great feast after a long say of sailing.

From the northern end of Baja to its southern tip, our menu captures the essence of Baja California. It is this famous, healthy, upscale cuisine that the Baja Grille brings to the East Coast.

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