The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W. Washington, D.C.20036
202-659-4136    Fax:202-872-8863

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The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Ph: 202-659-4136
Fx: 202-872-8863

*** Fresh Daily ***
*** Nothing Fried ***
*** No Fillers ***
*** No Additives ***

Baja Origins

In the early 16th Century, the explorer Cortes sailed up the West Coast of the Americas and discovered the peninsula Of Baja. Upon landing in the area we know today as Cabo San Lucas (on the tip of Baja), he observed deep blue water on both sides of the land and assumed this beautiful spot to be an island, so he named it California…which means "island paradise." It was several years later before other explorers continued up the coast far enough to discover that it was indeed a peninsula and not an island. Nonetheless, the name California still stuck. Eventually the portion north of San Diego became known as upper California and the part South of it became known as lower California…or Baja California.

Baja's real fame began during Prohibition when Americans would cross the Mexican border south of San Diego in search of drink, great food, sun and relaxation. After Prohibition, this tradition continued. During the heyday of the great studios, Baja was discovered by Hollywood's biggest stars. Famed novelists Ernest Hemingway and Robert Louis Stevenson were both captivated by the beauty of Baja California. (The local legend is that the island in the center of Ensenada Bay inspired Stevenson's "Treasure Island.")

The Baja Grille's menu is authentic Baja California Cuisine, featuring marinated grilled specialties and Salads created from the freshest ingredients. All of our foods are prepared fresh every single day. We make our own sauces, dressings, stock for soups and nothing is fried. No preservatives, filler or additives of any kind are used in preparation of our food.

From the northern end of Baja to its southern tip, our menu captures the essence of Baja California. It is this famous, healthy, upscale cuisine that The Baja Grille brings to the East Coast.

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