The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W. Washington, D.C.20036
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The Baja Grille
1133 20th St. N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Ph: 202-659-4136
Fx: 202-872-8863

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Beautiful Baja California

The explorer Cortez sailed up the West coast of the Americas and discovered the peninsula of Baja. Upon landing in the area we know today as Cabo San Lucas (on the tip of Baja) he observed deep blue water on both sides of the land and assumed this beautiful spot to be an island, and so he named it California (island paradise).

It was several years later before other explorers continued up the coast far enough to discover that it was indeed a peninsula. Nonetheless, the name California stuck and the area included present day California (U. S.) as well. Eventually the portion north of San Diego became known as upper California and the part south of San Diego became known as lower California - or Baja California.

After the acquisition of upper California by the United States. the word "upper" was deleted and lower California retained the name Baja California. During the reign of Napoleon III the French occupied Mexico and installed Maximilian as Emperor.

The occupation was short-lived and most evidence of French rule disappeared in Mexico, except Baja. There, crusty French baguettes are the daily bread, and the popular cuisine includes: marinated/ grilled brochettes; fresh fish and beautiful salades. Novelists Ernest Hemingway and Robert Louis Stevenson both found Baja captivating and they frequently remarked that Baja is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The local legend is that the island in the center of Ensenada Bay inspired

Stevenson's Treasure Island. The local government in Baja has resisted large scale development and it remains today an unspoiled paradise known for its year round sun, sandy beaches, deep blue ocean and, of course, a unique world class cuisine.

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